For this post we will work on head alignment and gentle neck strength. This little head press exercise helps your neck very quickly.

If you tend to have trouble looking up or down for a period of time you might find that it greatly improves and begins to feel easier.

Your posture is directly affected by your head position.

Imagine a weight hanging from your head when your neck is stuck out forward. Tight muscles are like weight resistance fighting you when you try to stand tall and pull your head back in line with your shoulders.

Just sitting up tall and trying to get your head over your shoulders can be restricted by these 4 points that are being pulled together. These are tight neck and chest muscles.

The 4 points are:

  • Chin to chest

  • Shoulder to shoulder

For this exercise, think of shifting your whole head. Not tilting it or nodding it. This is about keeping it straight and sliding it in one direction. Like Michael Jackson in thriller.

Here’s the 8 point Head Press Exercise:

You can imagine a clock but I prefer to do this in the following sequence rather than work around the clock from 12 o’clock to 12 o’clock again. Keep your chin level and start with your head over your shoulders.

8 Point Head Push:

Float up tall and stay in a nice upright position… use your hand to push your head into.

Press the front of your forehead forward…

Then the back of your head directly backward…

Left side…directly to the side

Right side…directly to the side

Left side of your forehead…

Right side of your forehead…

Left back of the head…

Right back of the head…

You can do this whole sequence one to three times. If you feel fine the next day you could do a couple more. But don’t be too aggressive. Make sure you progress as your strength improves.