Here are some of my favorite tools. To purchase them through Amazon just click on the picture and it will take you directly to the item.

For Home Set up:

I recommend the following items for virtual sessions with me. They are also useful tools for you to have on hand. Although not required in order to have a session with me, they will enhance our virtual training sessions, especially the gooseneck tablet holder for holding your phone or tablet in a way that I can see you working.  

Gooseneck Tablet Holder:

For holding your phone or tablet and getting the best angle possible I like this Gooseneck Tablet Holder that can be clamped onto a chair or table.

Use a tripod with your phone using a phone holder attachment.

36” Foam Roll:

A foam roll can be used in so many ways it’s a great tool to have.  If you have a really tight chest or lack balance I would start with a half-round foam roll so the flat side can sit on the floor.  Be sure to get the 36” long one.  

Yoga strap:

I love the loop style yoga straps and I tend to like the cotton material better than nylon.  

The smaller rubber balls I have are just kids balls I’ve gotten in the toy section.  I don’t tend to like tennis balls because they are hollow and also slip around when you try to use them up against the wall.

Ball Sizes I recommend; Rubber Balls the size of a tennis ball or golf ball, and air filled rubber balls, 4-5-inch in diameter and a 9-12 inch ball 

Massage Roller for Arms and Legs

This massager is great for a quick release for tight muscles in your arms and legs.

Hand Held Cold Laser Therapy Device

Resistance Bands or Tubes:

Important note!
With a door or wall anchor, you can do a lot of the work we can do in the studio. 

You will need a space by a door or attachment to the wall to anchor the resistance to.  I recommend resistance bands that have detachable handle options like this one. I looked for a set that has both handles and loops so you can use the loops for leg work.  It also shows that it comes with a door anchor.

By the way, NEVER leave the anchor on the bands if not anchoring through the door securely. I have the scar to prove this is a bad idea!  Oh, the stupid things we do sometimes. 🙂

If you have any questions please feel free to send me a message via email or text.
Have a great day!  🙂

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