This week’s focus is using your corset muscles to help support your posture.

How do your corset muscles help improve your posture? They help maintain the support of your lower torso and low back. Think of your core as an internal cylinder, or an internal corset, that surrounds your entire waist and helps keep you upright.

Let’s see if we can wake up those supporting waist muscles!

Narrowing the Waist:

Inhale… and float up tall….

As you exhale… try to narrow your entire waist, all the way around, like you are trying to narrow it away from a belt or your waistband….

As you inhale, feel tall again…

Exhale and see if you can draw the lower ribs narrow as well…

(If you struggle with the ribs try a couple more times narrowing them… As you inhale let your ribs expand out… and then narrow them with your exhale.)

Now let’s find the ease.

Inhale feel tall… align your head over your shoulders as best you can…

Exhale and narrow your waist as gently as you can…

Now… a little bit at a time….back off how tight you are holding your waist until it’s totally relaxed… then draw it back in only that last little bit you just released.

This should feel like the entire length and width of your waist is supporting your posture like a corset or back brace. But this is not a super stiff or tight position where you can’t easily breath. Your ribcage should still be able to have some movement as you inhale. This is a gentle muscle reminder of how they should be supporting you, not a beating that makes them exhausted.

I love this little core reminder. Every time I come back to the gentle fundamentals I discover something new. This one also helps when bending forward. I find instead of collapsing onto my tummy, my whole spine feels longer and bends together.


As always, please let me know how these challenges are going for you! Is there any other area or issue you would like to see me address?