Recommended Service Providers and Products

I am always recommending services and products that I love to my clients and I wanted to bring them all together on one page for your convenience.

These are all services or products that I use or have used, so I wanted to share them with you.

I am no in any way affiliated with these services or products and do not receive any monetary incentive for recommending them.


Dr. Bonnie Verhunce

Dr. Bonnie Verhunce was inspired towards a life of helping others after she suffered several years of severe headaches and migraines. Even when her doctors prescribed the latest medications, the pain continued and even worsened. A friend finally urged her to see a chiropractor, and her life changed. The amazing relief she experienced inspired her to pursue her dream of helping people discover lasting pain relief and optimum health.

Dr. Bonnie is highly skilled in neurology and in administering the latest effective gentle force spinal adjusting techniques to achieve realignment of the spine back into a normal healthy position. These techniques are enormously helpful in relieving back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia symptoms, migraines and other painful conditions because they release pinched nerves and help the body heal correctly. She also spends several hours a week in continuing educational studies, so she can provide the most current and effective spinal adjustment techniques for her patients.

In addition to spinal adjustments, Dr. Bonnie and her staff assist each of their patients in pursing lifestyle changes in education, nutrition and exercise that help them achieve their optimum level of health and vitality.