Are you a flip flop person?

During the summertime everyone starts wearing open shoes of some kind.

Inevitably, I see more foot and lower leg issues because of this.

Flip flops, open back sandals or shoes and anything that’s not supporting your feet as much as you’re used to can make your feet sore and lower legs tight.

It makes for a nice chain reaction of tension up to your knees and then to your hips.

If you catch it early, and keep up with it, you can keep your feet and legs looser by doing the following routine. This routine is fairly easy to do while you’re watching TV or before you put your socks or shoes on.

Even a quick non perfect part of this routine is better than nothing. Of course if you talk to your chiropractor or podiatrist they may say never wear flip flops or high heels.

Quick Foot Release:

That’s pretty easy to fit into your day right? I hope that this quick foot release will help you this summer as you hit the outdoors with open toed shoes.

I would love to hear from you! How are these challenges going?